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Alcoholic teenage reads books = pseudo-intellectual bullshit

Amélie Nothomb deserves the Nobel Prize

Cosmética del enemigo - Amélie Nothomb, Sergi Pàmies

Big statement Î there.




I may have only read two of her many books, but believe me when I say, every single line she writes is filled with genius. It's fine with me if she doesn't win it soon (if she won this year, only Camus would be younger), but the Nobel committee can't ignore her forever. 


Anyway, to the review:


Cosmetique de l'ennemi (Spanish translation)


Scene: Airport

Protagonists: Jérôme Angust, Texel Textor

Time span: three hours, 24 march 1999


Your flight is delayed for an unspecified amount of time. What better than to read a book? Nothing. Great so far, perfect. Oh crap, this guy here is insane, he's saying you killed your wife all those years ago, but at the same time, he claims that he did it! This makes no sense, does it? Aaargh Holy mother of god, he is you, you/him killed your wife, and his here to remind you. Kill him! Whoops a daisy, killed yourself in the process!


That sums up the whole book (seems little, but the book isn't over a hundred pages anyway). Yet it fails in conveying the message the way the book does, with all that existential anxiety, the doubts, the backstory Nothomb creates, the airport dread, the Jansenists, everything.



Man, it was a good book. (Goes out to buy every available Nothomb)

Long books

Ask a teenager what is the longest book he has read, and the answer will be one of two: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, or one of the Twilight books. The rest of their books rarely get past page 500, which is a sad thing indeed. The rare exceptions (which I am proud to be a member of) have delved deeper, have toiled with epics, massive tomes, the titans of the libraries. 


Not to be self centered, but I pride myself on my ability to make all the effort to finish a book, no matter how long, boring, or mentally exhausting it is. I believe that when you stop reading a long book, something dies inside you. Yes, I recognize how horrendously cliché this sounds (as does this), but it is what I believe. Yes, I have tried and failed with Gravity's Rainbow, Postwar, It took me several false starts to finish Infinite Jest. But I never give up fully. Reading and rereading the first few pages of Infinite Jest is one of the most brilliant experiences one can have, to the point of it being pseudoreligious. I understand my nemesis, Ayn Rand, after reading over 1700 pages of her fiction. My shelf is at risk from the weight of all those long books I have on top, The Recognitions, Postwar, 2666, and others; that I hope one day I get to .read

Starting here

Completely new to this place, looks fun and considerably better designed than nice ole goodreads (not to mention that since my friends are not here, I can say anything I please). Anyway, to the point, I'm a boring old average teen, if that can be said to exist. I suffer from love, lack of caffeine and intellectual overstimulation, school, family, &c. 


Quick snippets of my life:


Born on a certain date little over sixteen years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Mexican parents.


Eldest and only child for five years, two siblings, with two years between them.


Suicidal thoughts/emotional crisis during 13-15 years of age, almost killed myself.


That covers the basics, no on to books:

Being my age, there are certain books I cannot help but love: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Pretty standard so far.


Poetry: Poe, Dylan Thomas, Roberto Bolaño, Nicanor Parra, Amado Nervo, Anne Carson.

Short stories: Poe again, Bradbury, Borges, Vonnegut, George Saunders.

Novels: David Foster Wallace, Roberto Bolaño, Vonnegut, Jonathan Safran Foer, William S. Burroughs, Jack London, and any others.


Favorite books of the moment: Perks of Being a Wallflower (seriously, can any suicidal teen not fall in love with Charlie), Julio's Day (graphic novels count of course) Autobiography of Red (Greek myths + angsty teens + gay love story= beauty), Sophie's World.


Books I despise: Anything by Rand (sorry, Chomsky fan here)


All-time stars: Infinite Jest (every single page is worth it, even if you break your wrist), Breakfast of Champions (Hilarious, serious, paranoiac, comically self aware) Kraken (speechless) The Savage Detectives (globe trotting poets. shifting narrators, suspense, adventure, death, sex, and the most open ending I've read) The Professor and the Madman (nonfiction has its place), Brave New World (the ending, just, the ending) The Jungle (can't be a lefty without this!) Lord of the Flies (the weakness of culture in a beautiful tiny thing). 


That's it for now.